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Joshua Paul Aguayo Proaño or simply Josh, is the co-founder of Full Runa Transmedia Studio, along with Jean. Born in Quito, Ecuador, he developed a passion for writing at a rather young age. Having been an avid consumer of all kinds of media trough his life, he soon developed a knack for narrative analysis and character construction, which was further enriched by his degree on Clinical Psychology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, which introduced Psychoanalysis to his creative toolset as a different way to conceive and understand reading experiences in narrative.

As part of Full Runa

Josh wears many hats in the studio. He's the writer behind the novel 'The Lost Thorn', which set up the foundations for the Full Runa Universe. He also edits and co-writes the scripts for several other Full Runa productions, like the webcomic 'Mama' and the comic strip 'Little Thorns'. He and Jean also spend a lot of their time and effort coordinating the Crew of Full Runa Studio, and managing the Studio itself. This often means that they will have to talk to professionals in many different fields, from Law to Voice Acting, looking for deals and opportunities to move the studio forward. He's also the official 'thong supervisor' for Full Runa. Nobody is sure exactly what that means, he just 'promoted' himself to that role.

Personal Life

He's available, ladies.


  • Josh will often use the phrase 'Don't be a hippie' when debating against corporate and marketing policies, even if he himself often prefers to give 'artistic freedom' priority over 'business requirements'.
  • If Josh holds a conversation for more than fifteen minutes, he will most likely mention, or at least borrow a term from Psychoanalysis, at least once.
  • He loves all animals, except bees. Which makes him unpopular with people who like having a functional ecosystem.
  • He often makes 'smart' jokes that one one cares about, like the one above, even if he hates intellectual discussions. (Unless it's Psychoanalysis, don't get him talking about Psychoanalysis.)
  • His love for internet spaceships and ponies may or may not have to do with 'delays' in scriptwriting.