Jean Racines

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Jean Paul Racines Muñoz, or simply Jean, is the co-founder of Full Runa Transmedia Studio (along with Joshua Aguayo). Jean is an Ecuadorian writer, translator and transmedia producer. During his younger years, Jean obtained a BA in Literature from Universidad San Francisco de Quito. His focus, however, has always been narrative production and virtual media.

As part of Full Runa

As CEO, CFO and Lord Commander of Full Runa Transmedia Studio, Jean often spends his time rallying artists and fighting the evils of corporate media while riding his bear-sized-silver-furred boar. In his downtime, however, he serves as editor and content creator for the webcomic 'Mama' and the comic strip 'Little Thorns', along with his trusty squire Josh. Jean is also the editor for the novel 'The Lost Thorn'.

Personal Life

Jean was born somewhere between 1920 and 1992 in the Andean Peaks that run throughout South America. Elders say that he came out of nowhere during a rainy night, bearing the gift of cotton and tobacco to the locals. Other knowledgeable sources state that he was abandoned as a child and raised by llamas. When questioned about this topic, Jean often changes subject. He is, however, often seen staring at llamas.


  • Jean lacks spatial-awareness at every conceivable level, thus he is often found lost and scared three blocks away from his house.
  • When Jean was born, the very forests of Ecuador whispered the name "Arth-, I mean, Jean..."
  • Jean constantly wears an engagement ring for no reason whatsoever.
  • He insists that said ring is of 'Legendary Quality Level', whatever that means.