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This page refers to the Full Runa Universe, a fictional storytelling setting. For other uses see: Full Runa (Disambiguation)

Full Runa Universe, sometimes called 'Full Runa Setting' or 'Full Runa Storyworld' and shortened as 'FRU', refers to the fictional, alternate history Earth in which most of the narrative produced by Full Runa Studio is set. The main difference when compared to real life Earth, is the existence of magic that can be approached from a quantum mechanics perspective. This is specially true for narrative set in the science-fiction portion of the Universe, for example, as it appears in the novel 'The Lost Thorn'.

The Full Runa Universe is mostly seen through the eyes of main characters across different mediums, like Sam, from the novel 'The Lost Thorn', or Mama from the comic of the same name. The most explored location of the universe is Ecuador in the 22nd century, in particular its corporate-owned capital: 'Quito', and its gritty slums hidden inside Pichincha Volcano: 'The Bowels'. This fictional setting draws heavily on real-world historical events, often intertwining them with magical intrigue and adding its own character lines. For example, The Society of Jesus that is real-world religious organization, appears in the Full Runa Universe as an institution that supports mages and has often sheltered them in times of arcane prosecution, this is because of how their real-world ideologies align to the fictional mage's attitude towards knowledge, teaching and helping others.